For kids aged 6-12:

Bestselling Book Reveals a Breakthrough Method to Naturally and Effortlessly Develop “Confidence-Boosting” Entrepreneurial Abilities in Your Children in 28 Days or Less

Without tedious homework, strict rules or bribing them!

What Is Kidpreneurs? 
Kidpreneurs is a breakthrough approach to raising your children so they grow up emotionally strong, resilient, and creative...

...all while reducing their social media time and helping them discover a passion for learning.

They’ll develop life changing skills allowing them to: 

✅  Think critically… 
✅  Solve difficult problems… 
✅  Communicate effectively… 
✅  And build a healthy self-esteem...

Allowing them to become fearless, thriving kids in school today...

And go onto excel at high school, college, their first job and beyond. 

We achieve this by teaching them the basic principles of Entrepreneurship... 

By providing them with a fun and interactive experience they can go through at their own pace... 

Then showing them how to apply it in the real-world by starting their own "mini business"

As a result, in the next 28 days...

They'll develop new skills most kids won't learn until years later...

Enabling them to confidently pursue their goals...

And inspire them to discover their unique gifts and talents, conquer adversity, and overflow with confidence.

In short: 

They'll become KIDPRENEURS!

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With over 250,000 happy Kidpreneur families so far, we're so confident that you and your child will LOVE the Kidpreneurs Book...

...that we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee! 

"I love Kidpreneurs... I think it's brilliant... I just want the parents to realize the opportunity here.  I wish I had these tools when I was 7 or 10 years old."

Gary Vaynerchuk, Bestselling Author, Venture Capitalist & CEO of VaynerX

"Our 3 kids made $788 because of their weekend entrepreneurial ventures."

Todd Herman, Bestselling Author & Super Parent

"Our 3 kids made $788 because of their weekend entrepreneurial ventures."

Todd Herman, Leading Peak Performance Coach & Super Parent

Kidpreneurs Is A Shortcut To Raising Creative, Resilient Children
Before we created Kidpreneurs, we had no idea how to teach our kids real-world skills to help them navigate (and succeed) in the world today. 

We wanted them to learn how to become strong, confident, disciplined children...

Able to make friends with ease... 

Navigate through the many difficulties and challenges they will face at school... 

As well as set goals and be motivated to achieve them.

But we knew traditional education wouldn't teach them all of these things. 

Quite simply because we never learned them at school. 
So we took things into our own hands and that's how Kidpreneurs was born. 

Now over 250,000 families have tried Kidpreneurs and we have hundreds of testimonials and case studies.

The word is spreading and children love learning about entrepreneurship!

And they especially love creating their own businesses, helping others and pursuing a goal THEY chose.

As a result? 

Their academic performance goes up too. 

✅  They learn how to communicate more effectively with others... 
✅  They learn how to face challenges and overcome set backs... 
✅  They learn how to become flexible and adapt to new situations... 
✅  They learn how to think outside the box to solve problems creatively...
✅  They become more interested in the world and their ability to shape it... 

Which allows them to outperform their peers and mature faster. 

Here’s how the Kidpreneurs model works: 


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"My wife and I were looking for products for my kids to help them become entrepreneurs.

Found Kidpreneurs and they are amazing.
We bought a bunch of copies of their books!"

Russell Brunson, Co-Founder and CEO of ClickFunnels, Inc.
The Most Powerful System To Nurture Strong And Confident Children
Picture giving your kids everything they need to boost their confidence and put them on a track to reach their full potential. That's what we put inside this book.

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s What This Means For You And Your Child… 

Right now schools and their teachers are under enormous pressure.

Pressure to run a rigorous curriculum...

As well as meet the needs of growing classrooms...

...where each teacher can be looking after 20, 30 or more students. 

And stack that on top of severe budget cuts and fewer and fewer resources available to help...

It's no wonder teachers are more stressed than ever before. 

But the result of this is one thing and one thing only: 

Your children don't get the right attention or the developmental opportunities they need to thrive.

And if they go through the average school curriculum... 

It will likely produce average students... who have average grades... leading to average careers... and ultimately average incomes. 

So what can we do?

We can't put the blame solely on the education system, because they're already stretched too thin. 

If we want to help our children develop faster and become well rounded kids, capable of leading powerful lives...

We have to take charge.

Specialized Learning Is The Key
And what we've found most effective is teaching kids entrepreneurial concepts...

Concepts that give them a well-rounded skillset, equipping them with the skills they need to excel in the world today. 

So they can get better grades, better careers, and follow a path to greater success.

In short: To become Kidpreneurs!

Kidpreneurs teaches kids, the principles and rewards of entrepreneurship. We often hear from young people that they have a good idea for a business, but don’t know how to get started. Kidpreneurs boils it down in an age-appropriate way.”

Jack Kosakowski, President and CEO of Junior Achievement, USA. 
(Featured in the Wall Street Journal)

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

There Are Two Types Of People In The World Today… 
...and things have already shifted to favor just ONE type...

The first type are folks who've broken away from the norm and achieved monumental success.

You see them on the front page… in magazines… on TV… at swanky, Big Name conferences giving speeches around the world… 

They’re the ones who create the jobs…

Create the opportunities…

And create the future.

And the second type of people…

…are the ones who work in those opportunities…

…work for the “Type 1s”

…and are a part of the future.

What side your child lands on is up to you.

And it doesn’t matter if they go on to start their own business…

Invent the solution to Earth’s greatest problems… 

Or become a doctor, lawyer or anything else... 

Because having entrepreneurial abilities will help them succeed and thrive in whatever they do.

Do Your Children Have The Skills To Cope 
With Stresses And Strains Of Daily Life?
If you look around… 

Depression and anxiety in kids is higher than ever before. 

In 2012, a study by the highly recognized JAMA Pediatrics medical journal found 11.6% of kids had clinical-level anxiety. 

In 2020, that nearly doubled, shooting up to 20.5% of kids. 

Then, young adults entering the workforce are less and less capable of handling ordinary pressures of work…

…unwilling to adapt, learn, and boldly face new challenges…

And the reality is… 

It takes a lot more than just Maths and Science to make it in today’s world. 
And That’s Why We Developed The Kidpreneurs Model… 
…to help empower parents like you give your kids these valuable skills that will allow them to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

…lives that are filled with purpose…

…so they can be, do, and have the things they dream of. 
Here's What Our Parents Are Saying...
"All the important lessons I want my children to learn, they are experiencing by running their own businesses."  
"All the important lessons I want my children to learn, they are experiencing by running their own businesses."  
Chris & Melissa Smith
Happy Parents of the Kidpreneurs Digital Experience
Chris & Melissa Smith
Happy Parents of the Kidpreneurs Digital Experience
“They don't cover these types of lessons in grade school. Kids will feel empowered, challenged by the quizzes and overall, they will learn how to become their own boss.”
“They don't cover these types of lessons in grade school. Kids will feel empowered, challenged by the quizzes and overall, they will learn how to become their own boss.”
Happy Parent of the Kidpreneurs Digital Experience
Happy Parent of the Kidpreneurs Digital Experience
"My favorite part of Kidpreneurs is it's so easy and super beneficial for kids to understand the basic principles of entrepreneurship. I highly recommend Kidpreneurs!
"My favorite part of Kidpreneurs is it's so easy and super beneficial for kids to understand the basic principles of entrepreneurship. I highly recommend Kidpreneurs!
Happy Parent of the Kidpreneurs Digital Experience
Happy Parent of the Kidpreneurs Digital Experience
“No matter what my child wants to do, she is going to learn all these great tools for later in her life. This is perfect for ages 6 - 12 and it will teach them things they won't learn in school.”
Happy Parent of the Kidpreneurs Digital Experience
"I was looking for products for my kids to help them become entrepreneurs.

Kidpreneurs is amazing. If you have kids, go and buy everything that they have."
Russell Brunson, Co-Founder and CEO of ClickFunnels, Inc.

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s How We Helped Thousands Of Ordinary Kids And Turned Them Into Thriving, Fearless, And Creative Kids By Ignoring The Common Wisdom And Turning The Parenting Model Upside Down

This Is Something Completely New, Completely Different, Completely Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Heard of Before – Read The Story Below to Discover Kidpreneurs

From: The Macbook of Adam & Matthew Toren
Re: Your method to raising strong, independent, emotionally resilient kids (And why this is your only way there)

Dear Super Parent, 

If you truly, deeply, love your kid, care for them and want the best for them, then this will be the most important page you ever read…

Because it will determine one thing and one thing only… 

And that one thing will be realized in years to come… 

And that is: 

How Far Will Your Children Go?

And the only thing that determines that is not their education. It’s not their friends. It’s not even where they grow up… 

It’s what you teach them. 

Or rather, what society teaches them today.

See right now as you’re reading this… 

Your children are going through a pivotal time that will determine whether they go towards a path of great achievements, success and fulfilment… 

Or another path with fewer achievements, less success, and maybe even greater difficulty. 

But today on this page…

I’ll show you a breakthrough system that’s going to guide them down the right direction so they can think more creatively… develop powerful self-belief… 

And in turn...

See the world differently...

And see THEMSELVES differently... 

...which will allow them to solve bigger problems, change the world, and as a result… reap the rewards. 

See, kids these days are smart. 

Probably smarter than we ever were.

The problem is… 

They’re “book smart”, but not what we’d call “street smart”. 

And with the craziness of the last couple years... 

We’ve created a generation of children lacking vital skills they need to bust through these challenging times. 

Can you imagine what life will be like 5 years from now… or 10… or even 15? 

Change is the only certainty in life and only those who adapt will thrive in the world to come. 

That’s why our kids need the ability to adapt, be resilient, and persevere in the face of uncertainty.

But how do you teach them these skills?

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

That's What I'm Going To Share With You On This Very Page...

A Completely Counterintuitive Model That Allows You To Nurture Powerful, Resilient Kids

This is the same Kidpreneurs model that over 250,000 everyday parents are now using to teach their kids the basic principles of entrepreneurship…

…and in turn become confident, independent kids… 

…who have the tools, methods, and drive to succeed. 

And you can BET… 

Kidpreneurs is unlike any method you’ve heard of before… 

This is something completely different, because… 

❌  We don’t overwhelm kids with work, everything can be done at their own speed

​❌  We don’t excessively pressure kids just so they can get a good grade

❌  We don’t see failure as a problem, because this means they’re trying

❌  ​We don’t overprotect them, but allow space for them to explore in a safe environment… 

How do we do this? 

By Teaching Them Creative Entrepreneurship 

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Entrepreneurship isn’t a bunch of rigid rules to follow…

Instead they’re timeless principles that allows anyone to thrive in a complex world. 

And it doesn’t matter if your child wants to start their own business in the future, pursue a career or anything else in their hearts… 

Because when you help them with… 

✅  Developing problem-solving skills

✅  Encouraging creativity and innovation

✅  Building resilience and adaptability

✅  ​Enhancing communication and collaboration skills

✅  ​Instilling financial literacy

✅  ​Cultivating a growth mindset

✅  ​Inspiring a sense of purpose and passion

You’re giving them essential life skills… 

While empowering them to take control of their own futures. 

I like to imagine…

That teaching entrepreneurship to kids is almost like handing them a master key… 

A key that unlocks a vast array of doors… 

Each one leading them to unique rooms filled with opportunities for personal growth and self discovery.

And as they explore and conquer each room… 

They gain a deeper understanding of their own hidden potential… 

Filling them with a sense of confidence and pride to overcome anything they face. 

And Having Entrepreneurial Abilities Opens Up This Door Too...

The door to higher levels of income. 

The investment news site, The Motley Fool conducted a survey to find out the average incomes for different education levels. Here they are: 

Now, how do the income levels for an entrepreneur compare?

According to, one of the leading recruitment websites around, they say...

...the average entrepreneur's salary is a whopping $99,633

And when you think about the fact that you don't need a degree to become an entrepreneur... 

...that fact is quite incredible.

This Is Something Completely Different And It Has The Power To Change Everything For Your Child… 

…and I know that’s true…

Because it changed everything for us. 

Developing entrepreneurial abilities as young children allowed us, the Toren brothers, to go on to start, grow and successfully sell over a dozen 6 & 7 figure businesses. 

But most children today don't get the same opportunity we did.

Which usually means... 

❌  They find it more difficult to handle stress and adversity – and that has serious effects on their mental health.

❌  They don't know how to express themselves openly – which makes it harder to resolve conflicts and build strong relationships.

❌  They struggle more in school (sometimes a lot more) – not only making friends, but also with academic performance.

​❌  They don't learn how to become independent until much later in life – and therefore have to rely on their parents.

​❌  And they never reach their full potential – because they miss so many opportunities that only come because of proper preparation.

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Entrepreneurship Allowed Us To Create The Life Of Our Dreams

But even though my brother and I were successful entrepreneurs… 

Teaching our own children about entrepreneurship wasn’t easy. 

Firstly, they had NO concept of what an “entrepreneur” was… 

Their only reference point for making money as an adult are things like doctors… lawyers… and policemen/women… 

Secondly, there were no books or courses available then. 

And we were frustrated by the lack of resources to guide us on this journey. 

But this was important to us. We wanted our kids to experience the same joy we get from our work. 

We wholeheartedly believe… 

That All Children Share The Right To Become Financially Independent...

...and to develop healthy relationships with themselves and others... 

Whether rich or poor, city or suburb… 

Sharpening a child's entrepreneurial and life skills will equip them with what they need to tackle a limitless future. 

And there's no reason it can't start at an earlier age.

So one day my brother and I got together to discuss everything we learned… 

Our journey, our process for starting and growing businesses, everything

Then we broke down difficult concepts into fun-to-read bites that any bright-minded child can easily enjoy. 

And as you’re about to find out, what we tried… 

It worked… 

And we spent years turning it into a system…. 

We Call It “Kidpreneurs” And You Can Start Going Through It In Just A Few Moments From Now… 

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

But before you do… 

I’d like to introduce ourselves and tell you about how all this came to be. 

We are Adam and Matthew Toren – The Toren brothers. 

You might not have heard of us before… 

That’s because we’ve been busy building and running our businesses for many years. 

Over our time, we’ve built (and sold) over a dozen 6 & 7 figure businesses… 

We still run companies as well as act as mentors and investors in many projects. 

All that’s to say… 

We’ve been there, done it and got the scars! 

But Let’s Talk About Where We Were When We First Discovered Creative Entrepreneurship...

It was back in the 80s. 

And at the time we were only 7 & 8 years old.

Our Grandpa Joe was an incredible businessman.

And being the enterprising person he was…

…he knew we had to start learning some new skills. 

So one weekend he picked us up and shuttled us off to the local folk festival. 

At this festival we brought along a giant box, full of these paper stunt airplanes. 

You know the ones where you have to put them together like a 3d puzzle… 

And depending on which shape they were, they’d do neat little tricks. 

That’s what Grandpa Joe made us do. 

Our Job Was To Wow The Customers…

Matthew and I jumped around, throwing planes and doing all kinds of tricks.

And it worked! 

Not only did the festival attendees love it… 

…but they bought in droves…

Helping us sell out our entire 200 stock inventory for a cool $2 each. 

That’s $400 in one day… 

A fair amount of money back then! 

And that’s where it all began. 

This early seed of curiosity snowballed into a lifelong journey…

A journey full of self discovery and self mastery. 

Entrepreneurship Is A Breakthrough Method To Help Children Reach Their Full Potential

When you start using the Kidpreneurs model with your children… 

You’ll work together as a team to start your own business… 

They’ll get to know the basic principles of planning, starting, and setting up their own project… 

How to network… 

How to do sales… 

And much, much more.

And because they’re hands on learning and building something tangible… 

Something they can start today and begin seeing results soon after… 

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

It Won’t Take Them Long To Become Totally Engrossed 

(We’ve seen this happen time and again!)

They’ll come to LOVE learning… 

And develop an entirely new passion for improving themselves and chasing something meaningful. 

And just think of all the incredible new memories you’ll have with your kids as you embark on this journey together! 


In A Month From Now… 

You’ll realize just how much they’ve changed. 

From being uncertain… indecisive… shy… or unconfident… 

To becoming more assertive… decisive… and holding their head high feeling fully and deeply confident in who they are.

You’ll see how quickly they adapt to new situations… 

Whether that’s making new friends, bouncing back from setbacks, or starting in a strange, new school. 

They’ll take every situation head-on, full of assurance that they can do and achieve anything. 

That’s When Other Parents Will Begin To Wonder… 

“Why is your child different?” 

“How did they change so quickly?’


“How can I do the same for my kids?”

Only you will know exactly how... 

How you took the courage…

To step outside the norm…

Go the extra mile…

And teach your child entrepreneurial skills… 

…skills that’ll set them apart from all their peers… 

And you’ll know, deep inside… 

That You Did Everything You Could To Raise Little Champions Of The World

Where you’ll be safe and secure knowing...

That they’re fully equipped to handle whatever life throws at them. 

And When They Grow Up, They’ll Look Back On This Very Moment And Thank You For Teaching Them… 

We know because that’s how we feel about Grandpa Joe. 

We can pinpoint that moment in the local Folk festival that began a chain reaction that led us to where we are today. 

And that’s what we want to share with you and your children. 

So they can discover their unique strengths… 

And have the opportunity to create the life of their dreams, just like we did. 

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Want To Know The Main Difference Between The Kidpreneurs Model And The “Old Way” of Doing Things? 

The traditional “old” way of preparing children for life is: 

Struggle through 15+ years of formal education… get thrown into the big, bad world… make a ton of mistakes… and MAYBE one day you’ll figure out how to “make it”. 

And in almost all instances… 

That sets up children for a life of unnecessary pain. 

Kids who lack skills like self-confidence, effective communication, perseverance, and problem-solving may find it hard to manage the pressures and stress of school. 

If they feel shy or insecure in social situations, they may withdraw or even avoid interactions altogether. 

And then fear and self-doubt take over. 

Which means in the future it'll be harder for them to work well in teams, get promoted, and sometimes even live independently, supporting themselves.

And because traditional school isn’t very good at nurturing these skills… 

It can take years or even decades to become proficient–if they do at all. 

That’s the bad news. 

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Because here’s what it looks like now: 

And The Result Of Using This New Way?

Which Naturally Leads To… 

All around happier, healthier and stronger children. 

Children with bright futures… able to control and shape their future. 

But The Best Part Is How Much Your Relationship With Your Children Will Improve

Because you’ll be doing this TOGETHER. 

Not only will you create amazing memories and have a ton of fun… 

But you’ll see with your own eyes how each task will stretch and grow them. 

✅  If they make a mistake, you’ll pick them back up.

✅  If they feel uncertain, you’ll give them confidence. 

✅  If they feel lost, you will be there every step of the way to support them.

You’ll Feel Excited About Their Future

After going through Kidpreneurs and helping them develop powerful new skills… 

They become self-sufficient and capable of making informed decisions, preparing them for adulthood.

Now, speaking of development… 

I’m going to share something that might be a little disturbing to you. 

It’s a mistake I see often… and it’s based on our years of experience working with parents and young children.

Ready for it? 

Here it goes: 

The #1 Mistake Most Parents Make Is 
Allowing Social Media To Have A Huge Influence On Their Children

Here’s why: 

These days we are inundated with people dishing out their advice and beliefs.

Just look at TV, the news, social media, even in public places–you can’t get away from it.

And whether they’re coming from good intentions or not… 

…our children don’t know any better. 

Which means they’ll listen to it all–the good AND the bad. 

Now, here’s why that’s potentially disastrous...

In the white paper by Children At Risk, titled "The Impact of Social Media on Children"... 

A group of researchers went out to review the mental, physical, and emotional consequences of social media use for children and young adults. 

What they found, sadly, isn't shocking: 

They found increased levels of low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, irritability, risk of suicide, and much more. 

And even though most social media sites have a minimum age requirement of 13... 

A survey by Pew Research found 53% of all parents with children under the age of 11 said their child watches Youtube every single day. 

Studies Have Shown That Children’s Brains Between The Ages Of 6 And 12… 

…Are At Their Most Susceptible! 

That's because they're moving into an important stage of cognitive development called the "Concrete Operational Stage".

Before this stage, kids (and babies) are only able to recognize physical objects. 

But during the COS stage... 

They're now able to think about things in their minds and understand their meaning.

This increase in brain power also means their memory retention and generally operating capacity is improving. 

You can probably tell? 

They might overhear you saying something to your spouse… 

Or what Sally said in the playground… 

And then parrot the same sentence to you again and again for weeks. 

They seem to absorb EVERYTHING!

This is great for their development, because it's absolutely critical for their growth. 

But when you also consider that… 

…almost all their beliefs will be hard-coded into their brains before they’re 10 years old, this becomes a serious issue.

These are beliefs they’ll carry into adulthood. 

If they’re good beliefs, they’ll propel them to success.

If they’re bad beliefs, they’ll hold them back from reaching their full potential. 

This Is The Basis Of Limiting Beliefs

Which is why you see folks like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Larry Page (co-founder of Google) achieve almost superhuman feats of success. 

They just grew up in environments that fed them GOOD beliefs from a young age. 

Can you imagine what kind of head start installing good beliefs can do for your kids?

Would you like to give them a shortcut to success?

So here’s the deal… 

I explain everything inside the Kidpreneurs interactive book.

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s The Million Dollar Idea Behind The Kidpreneurs Model

Firstly, school has not changed for hundreds of years. 

And it’s unlikely to change and begin teaching children the real-world skills they need to actually make it. 

They’ve already got their hands full teaching the basic curriculum and looking after classrooms full of students. 

That’s why we need to use NEW methods to give our kids the well-rounded abilities they desperately need. 

On top of that… 

Media consumption is on the rise–year after year–and it’s not slowing down. 

Everyone Wants Your Children’s Attention

Screen-time has exploded in recent years... 

It's giving more and more opportunity for these folks to get into your children's minds...

...and they’re very good at it. 

So given the choice between doing dry Maths and Science homework… 

Or watching engaging, dopamine-laced Tik Tok videos… 

…almost all children will default to Tik Tok videos. 

But it’s not their fault. 

We all want to spend our time doing things we enjoy. 

That’s Why Getting Children To Develop A Love For Learning Early On Is So Important

Once they’re bitten by the bug…

Just like us and hundreds of other children have…

…the learning doesn’t stop… 

In fact, it only spurs them on to learn more and more!

So whether your child grows up to be an entrepreneur or not…

The skills they learn here are invaluable in creating a well-rounded adult who thinks outside the box. 

And the earlier they develop these entrepreneurial abilities like drive, determination, focus, and grit…

The more they use them in everyday situations.

And the more they begin reaping the rewards.

Most people say, “It’s never too late,” but we always say, “It’s never too early to empower and inspire the future generation of leaders.”

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

And You Know What? I'll Stake My Entire Reputation On This One Promise

Your kids can learn entrepreneurship and have FUN doing it… 

And because they’re having fun… 

Developing new skills will come quick and easy. 

It’s something that will come naturally to them if they just give it a try. 

So here’s what I want you to do now: set your calendar right now – set it for 30 days from today. 

Because if you work with your kids to implement everything I’m going to share with you in this book… 

That’s when you’ll start seeing a change in your kids and their confidence levels go up. 

That’s how easy this is. 

And That’s How We’ve Helped Over 250,000 Families Discover The Fun And Passion For Learning New Skills… 

Because if they can do it…

And we can do it all those years ago WITHOUT the tools we’re about to hand you… 

Then every child can do it too. 

It’s taken us nearly 10 years to “figure this out”... 

Which is safe to say, if you want to take your kids by the hand and teach them entrepreneurship, there’s very little left for you to figure out. 

We’ve already done the hard work for you. 

Which means… there’s nothing for you to “figure out”. 

You just need to download this book and most important of all… implement it with your kids!

That’s it. 

Here’s The Exact 3-Step System Revealed In Kidpreneurs For Parents Who Want To Help Their Kids Become The Best They Can Be

Step 1 - Show them what entrepreneurship is all about

Step 2 - Teach them entrepreneurial skills

Step 3 - Let them dream BIG

These 3 simple steps unlock your child's full potential.

Because they will have the tools and abilities to achieve whatever they dream of.

All of this is revealed in Kidpreneurs in step-by-step detail. 

Making it a counterintuitive approach to raising resilient, confident children. 

And that’s not all, because… 

Here’s What Else You’re Going To Discover In Kidpreneurs

Chapter 1 - How Grown-Ups Earn Money
Most kids have no idea what an entrepreneur is or what they do! We break down traditional ways adults make a living and show them the benefits of owning a business. 
Chapter 2 - Are You An Entrepreneur?
Every entrepreneur possesses traits that make them great at what they do. Does your child have these? Read to find out. 
Chapter 3 - Getting Started
This is where the fun begins! We dive into choosing your business, brainstorming ideas, research, advertising, understanding expenses, finding customers and much more. 

Your child will know exactly what goes into creating and managing a business. 
Chapter 4 - Sample Businesses You Can Create!
Now we’re ready to create the business plan. We provide templates and multiple sample business plans to help. Run through these and they’ll have a complete business plan ready to go. 
Chapter 5 - Money on The Internet
Whilst real-world businesses are necessary and important, they aren’t the only way to start and run a business. Today’s internet makes it easier than ever to start (and many require minimal start up costs). In this section we cover social media and all the ways to make money online. 
Chapter 6 - Green Business and Ethics
Create a business that takes care of the planet, help fight pollution and make the earth a better place! We have so many important issues in the world today, this is how we will solve them.
Chapter 7 - Networking
This is potentially one of the most important skills an entrepreneur (or anyone) can learn. Because we need others to help support us. Whether its helping to improve our ideas, introduce us to new partnerships we’d never have before, build a team, or find a partner to work with. We need networking and this chapter will teach your child this important skill. 
Chapter 8 - Giving Back
While making money and building our businesses is important. It’s key to remember the people around us. We are blessed with abundant resources so we can give and support others less fortunate. Money is the ultimate magnifier so teaching our children this powerful lesson early on will set them up to be strong, kind people. 
Chapter 9 - Finding Your Balance
It’s easy for entrepreneur’s to work too much and overwhelm themselves. That’s why finding your balance is so important. In this lesson we show you how to destress and relax so when you do get back to work, you will be fired up and ready to go. 
Chapter 10 - You Can Do It!
Are you ready to take on the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur? Follow these key tips to succeed. These are powerful tips we’ve ingrained into ourselves and pass on to everyone who wants to be and do more in life.
...Plus Fun Quizzes At The End of Each Chapter to Help Internalize Each Concept!

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Who is this for?

The Kidpreneurs book is for kids aged 6 to 12. When they go through the interactive digital book, they’ll learn the power of entrepreneurship and this will allow them to develop skills like effective communication, overcoming obstacles, developing a love for learning, resilience, creativity, sales, business building, money management and much more. 

What is Creative Entrepreneurship?

Creative Entrepreneurship is the process of finding and solving problems in a unique way that people will pay for. It is an all-encompassing process that teaches children how to start a business, actually do it, and then learn vital skills that will help them with whatever they plan to do in the future. 

In short: it is one of the most powerful systems to raise confident, creative and fearless children. 

Is there a physical version available?

We made the digital copy to be as affordable and value-packed as possible. But, for $12.95 you can get the physical Kidpreneurs book on Amazon here!

How is this different than other products?

We go above and beyond what most entrepreneurship books do. Most just give you theory in a book format, which can be difficult for children to read. 

That's why we made our book interactive. In the digital version they can go through the full experience from beginning to end and follow the journey just like a game, unlocking new levels as they go. 

That makes learning fun and they will have the tools to go on to create a real business. 

I want this, what exactly am I getting?

You are getting the Kidpreneurs digital interactive book. It’s a 10 chapter book kids can go through at their own pace. You're getting the official Kidpreneurs Digital Workbook. You’re getting the Kidpreneurs printable book version, so you can print as many copies out as you want. You’re getting the Kidpreneurs audiobook so you can listen on the go. As well as the Kidpreneurs 50 Creative Business Ideas so your kids never run out of business ideas to try out, and you are getting access to the Kidpreneurs Members area.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you get a 30 day money back guarantee, in case it's not for you. We even let you keep the book. 

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

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