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What Others Are Saying
"LOVE That Book,
I think it is brilliant!
...I wish I wrote it."
Gary Vaynerchuck
Public Speaker & CEO of VaynerMedia
"This book will give your children the methods, the tools, and the techniques to succeed."
Les Brown
World Renowned Motivational Speaker
"A toolbox that goes way beyond traditional education.
A must-have for all kids!"
Dameon Blair
Elementary School Principal
"This book made me feel great about my Creative Ideas.Best Book I've read. I am a KIDPRENEUR!"
Kidpreneurs Fan!
"This is a great inspirational & motivating book for kids...
and even the parents!"
Pav Simon
Mom of Two
You want the best for the special child in your life. And right now that means mastering reading, writing, math, and social skills.

But there's another skill that can have a tremendous positive influence on your child's life that is rarely taught at school or in the home: entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship can equip your child with the skills to do amazing things... NOW, and as they grow into happy, successful adults. We invite you to keep reading to discover how your child can learn entrepreneurship in a fun, friendly and effective way!
Give Your Child The Gift Of A Brighter Future, For FREE!* .....
We believe so strongly in the value Kidpreneurs provides that we don't want to let anything prevent you from getting this book into your child's hands – not even price. That's why we're making it available to you today in a remarkable special promotion. Here's how it works...

When you order your copy of the award-winning Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas today you'll get it for FREE*. All we ask is that you cover shipping and handling.

Imagine... for just covering the small shipping fee your child will receive a fun, information-filled book that will usher them into the world of entrepreneurship. Kidpreneurs is ideal for kids between the ages of 6-12 years old.
What Your Child Will LEARN...
  • 9 information-packed chapters that break down otherwise difficult-to-understand business and entrepreneurship concepts like how to choose a business and networking in kid-friendly bites your child can easily read and enjoy.
  • Fun multiple choice quizzes at the end of each chapter to ensure your child understands and retains everything they've just learned.
  • Engaging, eye-catching page layouts that will hold your child's attention from start to finish – no boring text-only pages here!
  • Inspiration, advice, and guidance that will show your child, yes, they really can start and manage their own profitable business venture – right now!
  • Resources and sample business plans so your child can immediately take what they've learned and apply it to their life .
  •  And much more!
Sonoran Mums
Press Feature
Gary Vaynerchuk
Public Speaker & CEO of VaynerMedia
NBC Channel 12 News
Kidpreneurs Feature
Dave Lavinsky
Entrepreneur & Capital Raising Expert
Imagine handing Kidpreneurs to a very special child in your life.

Watch their eyes light up and their face beam as they see for themselves all the amazing things they can do in business – even at such a young age.

Because when you give a child a copy of Kidpreneurs you're not just giving them a book … you're giving the gift of a promise-filled future!

And as an additional bonus … we will personally sign every book you buy today. It's just one more way for us to say “Thank You” and to show you're child that we're personally invested in their success.

We've printed enough copies of Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas – to meet the anticipated demand.

But with this current special promotion we expect them to go fast, so why risk waiting months until we print the next edition? Since your book will be shipped as soon as we process your order, why not get it immediately by ordering now?
*Offer Details* - The book is FREE. You just have to cover shipping & handling.
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